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Started in 2004, TB Alert India is a dedicated NGO fighting TB within the Indian context, primarily based at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh state. TB Alert India is registered under Indian Trust Act and partner to TB Alert UK, a global charity who runs TB programs around the world.

Our work focuses on strengthening the implementation of the Revised National TB Program and the DOTS strategy by providing technical support and guidance to local grass root NGO's. With our Technical Know How and their knowledge of the local situation we can put into operation Microscopy centres and form support groups that allow a community to combat the disease. We also run our own diagnosis and treatment clinics. In total we currently cover a population of over 3.5 million people in several states of India.

Our Approach

Working at a grass root level and using community participation is key to our work.. Not only do we use local NGO's but also the local people to help fight the disease. We train people who are already trusted within the community, like private health practitioners or teachers to be DOTS providers, meaning they are able to administer medication to patients. In this way a patient does not need to travel long distances to get the weekly medication and they trust the person who is giving them the medicine.

Furthermore we focus on spreading awareness within the community and set up community support groups which are able to spread the message abut TB to the rest of the community.

We promote the voice of people affected with TB. Tuberculosis is a disease of poverty, affecting the same people who often find it impossible to get their voice heard. We promote the political sensitisation of TB and make people aware of their right to demand and receive free TB treatment.

We tackle issues of stigma and discrimination. TB, like most infectious diseases, carries a terrible stigma that makes a community afraid to confront the issue. By working publicly against the disease and spreading awareness about it, allows a community to understand how to deal with it and how to treat those who are infected.

Using and creating effective networks and alliances: according to the RNTCP 2008 status report there are 2900 NGO's working to combat TB in India. Only by working together will it possible to succeed at our mutual goal. That is why we are part of several alliances and have created a strong network of organisations and partners to support each others work. For example we are a key member of the newly formed 'NGO Tuberculosis Consortium - India' Which includes 8 of the largest NGO's currently fighting TB in India. TB Alert India facilitated in formation of Andhra Pradesh Coalition Against TB & HIV(APCATH) in getting together 57 NGOs across six districts of Andhra Pradesh and work against TB

We have a holistic approach to fighting the disease. In all our projects we aim to combat all the issues that surround TB. This includes focusing on HIV-TB interventions. When two diseases are so closely linked it is essential that any project deal with both.