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Operational Research

A training program for Operations Research (OR) was conducted in Jamshedpur starting from October 30, 2010, to improve technical capacity of all the teams for conducting research. A total of 40 people were trained on various research methods for implementing OR at grassroots.

MASS -CHRD (The Maharashtra Association of Anthropological Sciences (MAAS) and Centre for Health Research and development (CHRD) is helping World Vision to conduct specific research on assessing effective ACSM strategies to help address key challenges to TB control in India. We hope this research would help in creating action-oriented advocacy plan for policy dialogue, more strategic engagement with national and state level government officials to help influence their policies and practice. This research would also be presented to wider civil society organizations and other stakeholders for global civil society movements on TB. The final draft is due to be submitted by MASS-CHRD.

OR would be conducted in four states among three partners in eight districts; the team of five trained people will interview around 550 people in each District. Currently data collection is in progress in the eight districts. After data collection and cleaning are over interventions will be designed for four experimental districts between February and April.

Web based Financial Planning and Monitoring System (FPMS)

The project is spread over 74 districts in 7 states and being executed by 6 partners based in different states of India. The collecting of data manually from various sites, collating it at state level and then reporting to Global Fund is an impractical task. Human error is possible and would also lead to loss of man-days or working time. Since the tools and the reporting documents are all prepared and have been agreed upon by all the partners in the Managers toolkit workshop on Finance and Monitoring & Evaluation System, it was agreed to roll-out a web based M&E and Financial system. Alleviate Tech has developed and implemented effective web-based M&E systems using the latest technology which can be customized. It is an easy to use, flexible software tool combining internet technologies and has logical framework approach. It specifically targets on gathering, collating, analyzing and disseminating program/finance information. The solution is quick and economical to implement at national and sub-national level and satisfying the needs of management. This system is critical for the data synchronization and success of the project and reporting to Global Fund, which is the donor of the project.

Performance dashboard

It is a performance management system and helps us to manage, monitor and measure the key performance indicators through dashboard reporting. It defines the success and failures of any organization. Dashboards drive decision-making by visualizing information aligned to organizational goals and letting us analyze key metrics in a fast, reliable manner. At the end it optimizes performance and steer the organization in the right direction. It delivers greater control of your organization's performance

In context to Axshya India project, it has been developed to review three areas:

  • Programme Management
  • Programme Review
  • Financial control

Performance will be rated as

  • Good
  • Satisfactory
  • Satisfactory