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Vision Statement :

"To render medical relief, socio-economic rehabilitation services, disability care, research, training and health education, to all leprosy and Tuberculosis patients."

DAHW - Deutsches Aussätzigen-Hilfswerk e.V., (German Leprosy Relief Association) was formed in 1957. GLRA is one of the leading global organisations today, extending a helping hand to more than 300 leprosy projects in 48 countries of the world. The activities include providing medicines, establishing leprosy control projects, training centres, rehabilitation centres, providing vehicles, medicines, personnel and financial assistance. The programmes undertaken by GLRA have been beneficial to more than 1.2 million leprosy patients in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The Indian operations of GLRA commenced in 1957. Currently GLRA - India implements the following programmes :

  • Survey, Education and Treatment (SET)
  • Health Education
  • Socio-Economic Rehabilitation (SER) services
  • Treatment of Tuberculosis and
  • Augmentation of Services and Networking