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Axshya India Project, Stataus Report (PDF)

As of 2009, India has the largest number of TB incident cases globally at an estimate of 1.6-2.4 million cases (World Health Organization [WHO], 2010) with 40% of its population infected with the TB bacilli (Central TB Division, 2010). India alone accounts for an estimated one fifth of all TB cases worldwide (WHO, 2010). Alarmingly, the country also comes as a close second to China for having the largest number of estimated Multi-Drug Resistant TB (MDRTB) cases in absolute terms in 2008 with an estimated 3% of all of its new TB cases having MDR-TB (WHO, 2010). According to India’s Central TB Division, cases of extensively drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB) have also been reported in the country (2010). WHO estimated that 290,000 Indians died of TB in 2009 (WHO, 2010).

Core Program indicators reported to Global Fund as on March 2012 (XLSX)