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About Axshya India:

AXSHYA means no TB. Thus the name of the project Axshya India reflects the vision of the NGO TB Consortium, which is India with out TB. It is a Civil Society initiative to support the National TB programme (RNTCP) to "Improve its reach, visibility and effectiveness" . The key objective us to Engage communities and community-based care providers to improve TB care & control, especially for marginalized and vulnerable populations

AXSHYA India was born as a result of the sincere efforts of Civil Society Organisation to make the difference the lives of people suffering from TB.

AXSHYA India is funded by Global Fund under the Round 9 Grant. Civil Society organisations namely World Vision India and The Union against the Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases are the two Principle Recipeints of Round 9 Grant other than Central TB Division which is the main Government partner under the Round 9 Grant. World Vision India works with six civil society partners namely : ADRA, CARE, GLRA, LEPRA, SHIS and TB Alert.